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Общее обсуждение Destiny.
9/24/2015 7:23:24 AM

Sign here for Nerf Black Spindle Mission (whaha)

Nerf the adds by 50%


Replace the wizards and snipers by Cow's


Rmove bbybump. on boss, we can push him off centre


I'm OP finished with no problems,


Damn game. Where is my life? (searchgooglemaps)


So guy's, I was reading the world's first update and all of a sudden it hit me, I still haven't seen a post about nerfing the Black Spindle mission... (p.s. I tried yesterday like 9 terrible times or something and it was an pain in the ass. Still haven't finished it we literally needed an extra 5 seconds tops, BUT I LOVED IT, I find it's a brutal challenge and really enjoy it)

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