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[PS4 + XBOX ONE] Vault of Glass - Fireteam Finder

So you're looking for some people to destroy Atheon? Leave your PSN or Xbox Gamertag below and wait for those invites! [b]Help beat Cancer![/b]: The Destiny community is large and diverse, each and every player is unique. Each cancer case is also unique, in a bid to increase awareness of breast cancer and to help raise funds for Cancer Research UK, The Exiled have launched this fundraiser to help those out that aren't so fortunate. Please donate to help these less fortune individuals overcome their battle with cancer! Let's do it! - Req [b]Sign up to the innovative PS4 Destiny Matchfinder, add your friends and post games![/b] - [b]King's Fall Fireteam Finder[/b] - [b]Crota's End Fireteam Finder[/b] - [b]Weekly Nightfall Fireteam Finder[/b] - [b]Prison of Elders Fireteam Finder[/b] - [b]Trials of Osiris Fireteam Finder[/b] - [b]The Exiled[/b] Looking for an active clan is sometimes an uphill struggle. The Exiled is here to make sure you find active, dedicated Destiny players that are happy to help each other out. We are one of the fastest growing clans these past months, having started on June 7th! With active swordbearers and relic holders, we each have a useful skill, instrumental in every raid and event. But we don't stop there, we kick ass in crucible! Achieving top table results every game, we are true warriors in PvP. Apart from dismantling players in crucible and frying enemies in PvE, we're a sociable bunch of players, you're almost guaranteed to have a laugh while we're playing, being that Destiny's hilarious (and sometimes annoying) glitches, or our in-house comedians. As long as you're not cringey, unsociable or creepy, you're welcome! [b]Join The Exiled Hub[/b] [b]Join our Palringo Chatroom[/b] Download the [url=]Palringo App[/url]. Search for the group 'exiledclan' click below for visual references: [url=]App Store Screenshot[/url] [url=]Chatroom Screenshot[/url] Note: if you need help joining this chatroom, feel free to contact Req and ask for help! Once you have joined our hub and our Palringo chatroom, please select a clan division below and set it as your playstation clan: [b]The Exiled Collective [FULL/CLOSED][/b] [b]The Exiled Republic [OPEN][/b] [b]The Exiled Society [OPEN][/b] NEW REPUBLIC MEMBERS MUST READ THIS POST: After you have joined our clan, please read this post: (Apologies for the cringey recruitment slogans) Disclaimer: You might laugh so much, you'll end up shitting yourself.

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