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Изменено (Yin): 5/26/2015 6:42:51 AM

Disconnections At The End of Prison of Elders

I can 100% understand not allowing new members to join games near the end of Prison of Elders, but there REALLY needs to be a way to reconnect members of Fireteams who bore the battle scars of fighting through the entire thing only to disconnect from a Bungie-prone error code, especially at the very end. We just finished up our Skolas run, only for one of my members to disconnect immediately as we completed the Skolas fight (weasel). Thanks to the existing set-up of the Prison of Elders, she can no longer pick up her loot. I could have sworn I read up somewhere about attempts to improve connections and whatnot (by trying to reconnect), instead she is completely screwed out of her loot. To those who might say that this is a personal connection problem, it isn't. We are sitting five feet from one another, connected via a wired connection to the same switch, leading to the same router. I understand it's unlikely that anything can be done to correct the issue, it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth knowing that an issue such as this could have been predicted by a QA team (or anyone in the studio) without thinking twice. There are dozens of error code posts on these boards every week, so how something like this was overlooked is confusing. This issue sits atop the other glaring issue, where individual players who LFG are faced with party leader booting which is equally atrocious. Restriction of lobbies and allowing invites only to the players who are present at the beginning of the challenge is the clear solution here.

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