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4/25/2015 6:19:42 AM

A rant on ranters

I know ranting about ranters makes me a ranger and therefore I'm ranting about myself but I feel that I can't be the only person who feels like this. Why do people feel the need to tell everyone that they hate this game, or that it's a rip off etc? If you get bored of this game... DONT PLAY IT! I've barely played this game for a couple of weeks, but I know I'll be back for HoW. I also love those who whine and complain about xur. If he sells a gun you already have or he's already sold recently then you don't have to buy it. Just be patient and wait until there's something you do want. Bungie didn't have to give us xur, but they did so that it gives those who just can't get that gun they want, a different way to get it. And finally, those that complain about OP guns. If you feel a gun is overpowered, why not use it? I used to hate thorns and shotguns, then I tried using them and I just sucked with them haha. So I used hawkmoon and a sniper and it works for me. If you find you're being killed by shotguns and shoulder charge a lot, don't just rush in, think about where the corners are and don't expose yourself! Overall I think this game is very good fun, yes a lot of little problems with it, but I doubt I've played any other game this much in 8 months as I have this one. So please, next time you're thinking about getting some attention because you can't get the ghorn (sorry forget how to spell it correctly), or thorn keeps killing you, just smile and remember, it's just a game! Peace out fellow guardians :)
#Destiny #BeHappy

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