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5/14/2024 9:00:25 AM

At reset... last Archie scavenger hunt, Zero Hour... what else?

The title for Into the Light. Maybe... the season finale? You would think they'd give people 3 weeks. Maybe... some new Final Shape info? Also, if you're prepping... last call on the Empire Hunt weekly bounties. Remember you need exotic ciphers for Rahool in addition to exotic engrams. If you have any gear, you might masterwork... legendary shards are being deprecated so those costs may change. In general start slimming down your pile. Start thinking about pulling vendors engrams, at the seasonal kiosks put on a ghost mod (discipline) and pull some high stat armor. If you have nothing else to buy... use them on phantasmal fragments from the lectern on the moon... the conversion rate IS terrible, but at least it's something. I got my stack down to 3k now. If you're at pinnacle cap... stop wasting mats on infusing up new gear and weapons, it's a waste... If you stacked engrams in your postmaster, make room in your inventory as much as possible so you can pick up drops and not push out those gains. Things to think about 😇 👍, only 3 weeks left!

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