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9/27/2022 3:34:16 PM

Stasis crystals and glacier grenade

We all have ptsd from the shatterdive meta days but with all light 3.0 subclasses, I think it's time to give some buffs to stasis, mainly glacier grenades and crystal forming. Letting glaciers freeze again would propably lead them to be broken again, especially with shatterdive (unless they add a timer on it but then it would propably mess with pve too much), so I think it would be better to buff crystal generation speed. This would allow glacier to better control areas and deny acces quickly in pvp. Maybe add even constant static slow (like 10) right at the crystals around 0.5-1.0 meters to better lean in to it (maybe too much). Also cryoclasm second aspect slot please :) Basically I would just like some buffs to stasis.



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