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Destiny 2

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11/18/2019 5:36:50 AM

Power grind feeling pointless? Do you see yourself remaining engaged after Dec. 10th?

I feel as though I want to stop playing.


I love Bungie's changes to chasing power.


I will stick around, expecting improvements.


Logging in to do bounties to gain power that the game's going to erase in a few week's time? Chasing Pinnacle drops for what now? Bungie's pulled off creating this new business model where we all pay good money for very, very little. We pay in hope and then suffer in our disappointment. But hey! Anthem's making a comeback, right!?!?! (according to Kackis, etc..) That's EXCITING!! Jokes aside, I am going to be very angry at myself if I haven't found a new game to play by December 10th. I'll be back down to 950 while others who have done the newest raid 200-500 times will be closer to 960. I know people who have [u]hundreds[/u] of the new raid clears and I'm at the same power level as them never having done the raid or any NF (just bounties). But hundreds of raid clears? Really? Is that what grinding for Power is, now? Are we going to get a new raid every month? New strikes for NFs bi-monthly? My point is that you cannot support with content this sort of grind for "Power." Unfortunately, playing for Power is the only point to playing. A vicious circle. Bungie, I think, needs to solve what I believe is a major issue going forward. They want to keep supporting Destiny 2 for another year or more. Just can't see this happening without being forced to totally reinvent the wheel (again). The developer has extended itself out too far with other projects forcing a regurgitation of content. Can't take it, anymore. Can't throw more money at it. )=



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