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Community Focus: Aviixe

From time to time, I scour the depths of the community looking for pieces of art to inspire different builds in Destiny. Some pieces inspire my Gunslinger to embrace a darker vibe, or my Warlock to adorn the bones of a slain Ahamkara to enhance their Void abilities. Not only does this push me to some role-playing, it also improves my fashion game as I search for the perfect look for an Arc-charged Titan.

Our designers also frequently reference concept pieces to guide their hand on the feel of a season or activity. It’s pretty magical what a piece of art can do, and the subject of this week’s Community Focus has created some great content that, as a Destiny player, you can feel in your heart.

Please give a warm welcome to our friend, Aviixe.

Good morning! Hope you’re doing well. Let’s get you introduced to our wonderful community. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Aviixe: My name is Stephen, most people on the internet know me as Aviixe. I spend much of my time as a “self-taught” artist, always pushing to improve my skills, and I do commissions alongside that as well.

I played videogames pretty early into my childhood, my earliest memories being dominated by Halo and the LEGO games. My other siblings and I enjoyed playing four-person split-screen multiplayer on Halo CE, Halo 2, and Halo 3. I was always a pretty avid artist, drawing on anything and everything I could, but it wasn’t until shortly after the original Destiny came out that I decided to take art seriously. The game itself and its concept art looked beautiful, to put it simply.

You’ve got strong beginnings, Guardian. Let’s talk more about your art. When creating new pieces of Destiny art, how do you usually get started? What’s the spark of inspiration that gets you going?

A: I find just about every visual aspect of Destiny equally inspirational, whether it be a set of armor, a fun, new exotic, or a grand, gorgeous vista. But I think what I like most about Destiny are those moments of camaraderie between fellow players, strangers or friends.

Whether it’s a moment like having a dance party with some random players in the Tower, successfully completing a Seraph Towers public event without failing a charge cycle and everyone in the local chat is excited over getting the Triumph, or making a nerve-wracking comeback in the Trials of Osiris and your fireteam is recalling the highs and lows of the match. Those kinds of feelings are what I want to instill in my art.

Let’s talk gear. What Exotic have you been using lately?

A: Guardian Games has made me rediscover my love for the Sunbracers Exotic. It was actually the first Exotic armor I got back in Destiny 1, and the ornament that was introduced for it in the Black Armory season made me love it even more. The normal appearance and the ornament both look beautiful and I think it’s difficult to find an armor combination where they don’t look good. It’s also obviously very fun to be able to spam a ton of grenades with the right armor perks equipped, which made it super handy to quickly farm laurels in the Guardian Games. I don’t use Sunbracers as often as I'd like to, simply because different activities demand different loadouts, but they definitely stand out as my favorite Exotic.

Good on you for helping Warlocks secure the Silver bond from Guardian Games. Where do you find yourself most often when playing Destiny?

A: Honestly, my favorite mode is patrol. I really enjoy walking through the different beautifully crafted environments, looking through all the nooks and crannies, taking in all the little details, watching the clouds roll over or the sun setting.

I could spend hours with the HUD turned off, sitting against rocks, and taking screenshots from various vantage points. It's kind of more fun than having an actual photo mode, though it'd be super awesome if that could be introduced to Destiny!

A true Wayfarer. You have my respect. If people wanted to follow you or your artistic endeavors, where would they find you?

A: You can find me on Twitter at and on Instagram at

Anything you’d want to say to the community while you’re in the spotlight?

A: The Destiny artists community is insanely supportive and I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made over the life of the game. Their art is incredibly inspirational and they help me strive to be a better artist every day. Shout-outs to IanPesty, PlainBen, Lucero, Matt Oishi, COSMICraven, Lazesummerstone, Lilly, Lintu, Faysal Mekki, Dulcamarra, Marou and countless more wonderful community members. Lots of love and appreciation to my Destiny playmates as well, past and current, for providing a myriad of fun memories. Shout-outs to Gabe, Phil, Ethan, Nate, Tim, Matt, Dillon, Paul, and both Jons. Also, thanks to Bungie for all the work you do on Destiny. <3

Thank you for spending time with us, Aviixe. It’s always a pleasure to have artists in focus. Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you starside! 

If you have any recommendations for future Community Focus articles, feel free to let us know! Additionally, if you’re an artist in the Destiny community, be sure to submit your pieces to the Community Creations page on We frequently share content from this portal, and grant a unique emblem, created specifically for artists, to those who are featured.

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