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Community Focus: Charlemagne Bot

The Destiny 2 community is vast and talented. Everywhere you look, someone is doing something amazing in the spirit of entertaining, helping, or providing valuable service to others. We like to shine our spotlight on individuals and groups who are doing interesting things to support the community and get to know them better. Our community focus this week is the creators of a popular Discord bot that goes by the name of Charlemagne. They are Waterpolotrev67 and Tor_Kallon, but together they go by the name of “Root Team.”

Would you like to know more?
Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in the Destiny Community.

Root Team: We have both been playing Destiny since the alpha back in 2014. Between the two of us, we have spent over 8,000 hours playing D1 and D2. We have spent over 1,500 hours raiding, and we founded a small clan of close friends we made playing Destiny. This game is a hobby and a passion for us. Charlemagne was born out of that passion. 
Wow! That’s a lot of time and a lot of passion. Where can we find you and this bot of yours?

Root Team: The best place to find this Warmind and her @root team is on Discord. You can join the support server for Charlemagne via or just check out for more information about what she can do. Updates about functionality we have restored to Charlemagne can be found via Twitter at
Tell us about your Charlemagne bot. What does it do? Will it take over the world?

Root Team: Charlemagne is the Warmind of Discord. She provides clans with the tools they need to become legend. This includes: 
  • Over 270 leaderboards per clan 
  • Dozens of commands that return Destiny and Destiny 2 statistics
  • A fully automated LFG system for event planning whether scheduled or immediate
  • Real-time Destiny news and notifications—nothing is faster than Charlemagne
  • Clan management tools to keep your clan active and engaged in Destiny

It’s disconcerting you didn’t answer the second part of the question, but let’s move on. Are you planning on adding any other features to the bot?

Root Team: We are constantly expanding her feature base every day. She started with just three commands, and today she has over 250 commands and subcommands. Building and expanding Charlemagne has been as much a passion for us as mastering a new raid in Destiny

Our biggest focus for the future is commands and features that will help promote playing with clanmates and make it easier to find groups of people to play the endgame with. We have made great friends playing Destiny, and we want Charlemagne to help build communities and help forge friendships between Guardians with similar attitudes toward the game. 

We’ve given everyone a first glimpse of Forsaken. From what we’ve shown, what are you looking forward to most? 

Root Team: We are both huge fans of Destiny as a hobby, and the endgame grind in particular. To that end, the Dreaming City sounds awesome. We hope you don’t reveal much about it, but the sheer possibilities implied by an “endgame destination” that has myriad secrets and is changed by the raiders who venture there has us excited. Beyond excited, really. 

We also really hope that aspects of the Dreaming City are exposed in the API so we can allow Charlemagne to track, share, and connect elements of that into clan Discords to keep the excitement up when people can’t play, but can log into Discord. 

When you first tackle all the mysteries we’re secreting away in Forsaken, what will be you preferred subclass and weapon?

Waterpolotrev67: Nightstalker all the way. My favorite weapon hands down is the No Land Beyond—can we have it in D2? As for current D2, my first Masterwork weapon, the Maxim XI, is my current sniper of choice. Nothing beats crispy headshots.

Tor_Kallon: I started Destiny as a Titan, but have since seen the error of my ways and now main Warlock. Warlocks are incredibly flexible, but nothing is as fun as a Devour-lock. That said, I’m really looking forward to the new solar Warlock Super in Forsaken. I always loved the support role played by a Defender Titan in D1, and that new subclass path looks even better. 

We’ll ask around about NLB, but we still have an emotional scar from the time Xûr sold it five times in two months. Anything else you would like to add?

Root Team: Whether you are a small group of friends playing Destiny 2 together or a clan of over 1,000 Guardians, Charlemagne helps make the game more fun. She keeps you posted on the latest news about the game and lets you see where you stand against your friends and clanmates. She helps you plan raids and Trials runs with your clanmates. She continues to evolve and has new functionality added every week. We hope you enjoy her as much as we have enjoyed the process of creating her and making her available to other people as passionate about Destiny as we are. 

If you want more information about Charlemagne and what this helpful robot can do for you and your clan, visit We would like to thank the creators of Charlemagne for stopping by to tell us more about their creation. We’re always searching for members of the community to celebrate. If you have someone in mind, let us know by suggesting them on our Community forum using the #CommunityFocus tag.

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