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Bungie Bounty – Gigz

Destiny 2 has been out for a few weeks now. It’s now time to bring back the old ritual of placing a bounty on someone’s head and watching the community hunt them down to claim sweet rewards. This will be the first instance of the Bungie Bounty showing up in Destiny 2, and we are placing it on a member of our community who goes by the name of Gigz. Where can you find him?

Bungie Bounty: Gigz
When:  September 27, 2017
8:00–10:00 p.m. (Pacific)
Playlist: Competitive
Console: PS4

We are changing up the format a bit. Instead of Gigz going in solo, this will be a true Bungie Bounty. He will have the following fireteam of Bungie folk backing him up: 

imtylerdurden – Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer
Tocom – Kevin Yanes, Senior Designer
Cozmo_BNG  – Yours truly, Community Manager

We won’t be revealing anything on stream - our mission will be to play some games with the community and to give out emblems to anyone who can best us at our own game. All you need to do to claim your emblem is match against us and win.

What is this about an emblem?

We have a brand new one to give out for Bungie Bounties in Destiny 2. Feast your eyes on the Sign of Mutual Combat:

All winners will receive their emblem in the Collections section of their vault within a week. I’ll make the announcement on my Twitter. You can see the emblems in your vault at any of the social spaces.

We will have more Bounties for you in the future, so if this time or console doesn’t work for you, stay tuned for the next Bungie Bounty on Xbox One. 

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