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This Week at Bungie - 05/06/2016

This week at Bungie we dropped some fixes while they were hot.

On a crisp, clear morning, Hot Fix was deployed to the launching pad. Once the final countdown resolved, the fresh patch rode a tower of fire, boosting clear of an atmospheric layer of space junk to take up residence in orbit around Destiny. This fixed a few minor issues immediately. There are other fixes onboard that shall lie dormant until we activate them.

That happens next week.

Punch In the Code

Last week, we told you all about how melee attacks are about to change in your Sandbox. To recap, we’ve hunted some bugs associated with networking and gameplay that got in the way of you landing a true punch. If you downloaded the update, the code with these fixes has been loaded onto your console. Now, it waits for our signal.

On Tuesday, May 10th, we’ll flip the first of those switches.

There is nothing special you’ll need to do to try out your new fists. Like every weapon in your arsenal, they’ll behave the exact same way in every activity. Once we sound the alarm, get out there and punch something. Anything. A fellow Guardian in the Crucible. A Cabal Legionnaire in the sands of Mars. Your choice...

If you sense a difference, or if the changes shatter the cohesion of your world, tell us all about it. Pay a visit to our Feedback forum, and tag your post with #MayMelee. We’ll be actively monitoring.

If things improve, we’ll keep these changes. If things get worse, we can roll them back.

Wicked Twitch of the West

In the ramp up to the April Update, we had a ton of fun on Twitch, mostly because hundreds of thousands of you were along for the ride. Even when we’re not revealing new details about adventures you have yet to experience, there’s still plenty we can do to mix it up with you all. Here’s a glimpse at our stream calendar for the rest of the month.

The Artists of Destiny
Wednesday, May 11th, 2016
Years of hard work can follow a moment of inspiration. Relive the panel discussion we hosted at Emerald City ComiCon with the artists who created the original concepts that shaped the development of worlds, characters, and weapons in Destiny.

Raid Along: King’s Fall
Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Watch us confront our own demons. Bungie devs will face Oryx in his final form. A designer and a storyteller will provide expert commentary from the safety of a couch on the encounters and the lore that define the pinnacle experience in The Taken King.

Ride Along: Crucible
Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
We’ve led architectural tours on every world in Destiny. But why no love for the competitive arenas? At long last, we’ll fire up a dev kit and fly though some of your favorite maps with the people who built them. Anticipate pro-tips and notes on creative process.

You’re invited to meet some more of the talented people who make your game. Watch this space for tune-ins. Follow us on Twitch for notifications when we're live!

Main Propulsion Sytems

When we launch a new update, Destiny Player Support has their hands on the big red button.

DPS: On Tuesday, May 2nd, Destiny Hot Fix became available to all players. Some issues we found since the release of the April Update, such as Year One Prison of Elders reward chests, have been resolved. For the full list of changes, please see the Patch Notes.

With each update, we see players reporting that Destiny: The Taken King, and all previous updates, must be downloaded again.
    • During the download process for Destiny updates, your console may attempt to verify previously downloaded content, appearing as ‘Preparing to Download’
    • If an issue is found, or an interruption occurs, previously downloaded content will be deleted and re-downloaded

To avoid having to download content again, please do not interrupt the download or install process. If an issue is found, re-downloading content will be required, and cannot be avoided. 

Additionally, we are seeing a rise in posts to the #Help forum regarding the Refer-a-Friend Program. For information regarding Qualifications, please see our Refer-a-Friend FAQ. For steps on how to create bonds with Referee or Veteran Destiny Players, please see our Refer-a-Friend Guided Support.

All Destiny Player Support documentation may be found through If there is an issue that is impacting your Destiny experience that cannot be found, let us know by posting a thread in the #Help forum.

2 + 2 = WIN

Another week, another Challenge of the Elders met. Ring the bell. School's in session!

Cozmo: You may recognize the Fireteam in this week’s top spot, as they all hail from the popular Clan Math Class. These three Fireteams were able to punch their way to the top securing bonus points for every melee kill.

High score – 79,860
  • leopardstealth
  • StrikerCodex
  • Dattowatto

Second place – 67,795
  • falckenz
  • Reeferman77
  • Rage_apocalyptic

Third place - 66,710
  • Shaneaka830
  • shaunbless
  • Mighty-Minds-1

More from Cozmo: This week, things are changing. Now it’s all about space magic. Bonus points are being handed out for Super kills, so stack that Intellect and let ‘em fly.

Internet Movie Battle Royale

This guy can banish you from our forum or make you a hero among the artistic community. His mouse clicks change fates.

Cozmo:  Welcome to Movie Club. The first two rules were removed, so talking about Movie Club is now encouraged. Every week, winners are chosen to be recognized here. The creators of those videos are awarded emblems to be displayed as badges of honor. You too can join in on the fun. Just create a Destiny related video and submit it to the Creations page for a chance to win. Stand by for movies!

Movie of the Week: What is love?

Honorable Mention: Hot, nasty, bad-ass speed.

Thanks for stopping by. Sorry again that our weekly ritual of sharing was late. We always want the trains to run on time around here but, as my favorite fictitious mathematician is famous for saying: Life finds a way. I’ll try real hard to do better next week.

Between now and then, I hope we see some of your chatter on our next live stream.

DeeJ, out.
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