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    8/29/2014 10:29:58 PM Permalink
    This argument is retarded and doesn't work in this situation. His points about "anti-hype" are true, but they don't apply to all games that get a lot of hype. Watch-Dogs never had an Alpha, never had a Beta and all we really had was E3 videos that didn't represent what the game actually was. Does anyone feel that way about Destiny? We've played the Alpha and Beta and know, somewhat, what we're getting. If I get what I got in the Beta and then add in a few more planets/areas to explore and missions and enemies than I'm golden. But I know I'll be getting WAY more than that. Sure you shouldn't hype yourself up to the point where it's almost impossible to meet your expectations but I'm sure as $hit getting hyped more than any game in the past 5 years because I know this game is gonna be amazing. Not because of hype, but because of experience and trust in the developer.
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