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  • Marty the Elder

    Marty the Elder

    10/26/2009 10:08:29 PM Permalink
    [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Marty the Elder [quote][b]Posted by:[/b] Serious Suicide Great Video. One question: Over the last few months you have been saying that the sax solos in the soundtrack are alto sax. But the neck of the saxophone in the video is that of a tenor and it is definitely a tenor sized instrument. So?: A. You were mistaken. B. You were partly right, both types were used in the soundtrack. C. It is some snazzy custom model alto that defies the physics of sound by pure will power of Marty. [/quote] Cool, I can answer that question! Yes, that was a tenor sax. However, I didn't use those recordings in the final. He also had an alto - which is what I used. The camera guy only filmed the tenor. Good call. The magic of editing and sound mixing. And by the way, I'm never mistaken. [/quote] Just for clarification: There is some tenor in the final game, just not the main "all alone" melody played in the video - which was alto. Does anybody really care?
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