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由blakyhart編輯: 11/17/2022 3:26:20 AM

Clan found. Thanks folks.

Hey folks! My band and I (and some additional friends) are researching potential options for clans. We’re mostly PVE (mid to end game content) but I personally love teaching. The friends in co would be closer to beginner level players. We just want a chill, casual, non-political clan that allows for tom-foolery and just having a good time playing an online game without discrimination of any means. We would prefer a large clan for numbers and ease of filling LFG scheduled posts we make. Between us 15 we range from Alaska to Texas to Australia to New Zeland - wide range lol. A transition from our current clan may be needed and we’re just preparing and honing in our cards. [spoiler]Moderator edit: This thread has been updated with tags that are more appropriate. Feel free to private message the moderator who moved your post, link to topic, for further clarification about why this topic was moved.[/spoiler]



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  • Hiiii👋🏻 We are super chilled friendly and helpful clan. It’s UK 🇬🇧 based but we have members from all over the world, myself is from Sweden 🇸🇪. We don’t have any drama, no toxicity and any of that bs. We focus on cracking all kinds of jokes and having a bit of humour is important for us. As a girl I can say that this clan is very female friendly and we all love to help each other. You’re free to stay for as long as you want or need to and there’s no expectations or obligations to be very active. We are here to help you enjoy the game more ☺️ We use mostly discord because it’s easier but there is no obligation in joining the discord. If you are afraid to use discord but you want to use it, lmk so I can help you and try to get you comfortable using it ☺️ The only requirements there is: - Be 18 or over - Be kind to everyone - Have a sense of humour, because as mentioned we like to have fun and laugh There’s no bans or kicks and if someone is being rude tell them that the team told you to tell them to f*** off!!! Alrighty that’s the end, pretty please consider joining the clan so we can have fun 🤩 Clan: Discord:



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