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原先發佈於:Clan Finder
11/16/2022 8:21:50 AM
Damo2111 1/30/2023 2:30:52 AM

looking for more people to join the clan

Clan Name: House Of Obligation Clan URL: House of obligation is a competitive yet humbled and friendly community that is a safe place for gamers to chill and have fun in a fun environment. Great way to meet new players and build lifelong friendships with fellow destiny players. About us: We are a close group of friends that have played for years and we decided to make a clan dedicated to other friendly destiny players like maybe yourself. We don't ask for much but when it comes to requirements the main thing is we really want people to be active, In chats, in voice calls, and mostly in game. This allows us to connect with you and maybe for you to make some new friends. What we do: -We run all ingame Activities -We host planned raid nights that we would like anyone to join and have fun with us -We have a lot of experience in the game and can therefore help lots of new people learn or understand new Activities and are always free to teach anyone - WE LOVE being competitive and doing DAY ONE raids -You MUST be 16 or above -You must be in the discord server to be in the clan If you are maybe unsure about joining the clan you could always join the discord and join us for any activities, Again we are free to help anyone. We love the game and are always enjoying it with others and would love it if you'd hop on the train and enjoy it with us.



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