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11/8/2022 11:55:43 PM

A new destiny PC player looking for a PVE clan

A 37 years old guy looking for a chill group to play with as I learn more of the game. I'm interested in PVE content (Dungeons/Raids).



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  • Need a chill adult new clan to raid with, play trials, or do dungeons? Join up with Daddies of the Universe. We run all end game content including GMs, raids, and Trials. We are an all adult old school clan from D1. We have a diverse group made up of college students, veterans, couples, parents, etc. Our clan focuses mainly on high skill end game content and forging strong friendships in the destiny community overall. We all work and play mostly evenings and afternoons or weekends etc spread across all time zones. Clans been around since the day D1 Beta dropped and we have hit max clan rank every season of destiny. Disclaimer** We are not a carry service. If you’re interested in making some really good friends and putting in time and effort to learn raids/ GMs / how to go flawless in trials by studying videos and building the right character setup then this is the place for you. You get what you put into the clan. Work hard play hard. Make friends and sharpen those skills and you will do fine. Click the link and ask to join. We use discord for in clan lfg and destiny updates etc. Msg me anytime at ShepherdsBeacon on Xbox or here on Fb messenger. Check out our #Destiny2 clan!



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