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(PC) -blam!-+ Tired of the Vanguard is recruiting.

Tired of the Vanguard is recruiting 21+ NA, active players. We are a 21+ NA clan looking for Guardians of all types. • Our main focus is Endgame PVE but we welcome players of all types. • We are specifically looking for people who are willing to learn or willing to teach. • Raids, Nightfall’s, GMs and Master and Day One Raids are some of the activities we are looking to partake in but we do occasionally round up a Gambit or Crucible team. WE DO VET BASED ON PERSONALITY. • Due to past experiences, we are looking for Guardians with a good attitude above all else, game sense and gameplay can be taught, good outlook and respect cannot. • We are a small clan of people who enjoy the challenges and comradery this game brings. • We are all adults here and we act as such. Discord is required and we do have a 3 week inactivity rule • If interested DM Rum Ham#4731 or Kiruxus#4437 on Discord



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