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    Post your Clan Recruitment, Post whether your clan is PC, Xbox or Playstation. limit of 1 recruitment Forum per clan

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10/5/2022 3:19:40 AM

[PS4][PS5] Destinys Night Owls Recruiting guardians that play regularly (18+)

[PS4][PS5] Destinys Night Owls Recruiting guardians that play regularly (18+) We usually play between 9PM - 1AM PST/EST (US Time Zone) on weekdays and weekends. Has your clan disbanded? Are you looking for a clan? Do you still like to play this game? Do you like to do nightfalls, raids and pvp? Do you like to help others? We are looking for guardians with certain qualities: - Plays Destiny the game regularly and is focused on endgame activities. - A guardian that likes to support and help others rise up. - Be flexible (participate and tackle challenges) - Do not apply if you like being a lone wolf that prefers to play solo. We are all adults ranging from 18+. If you're looking to join but you are on the younger end of the spectrum, just take inventory of yourself and decide whether you would consider yourself mature or not. PLATFORM: [PS4/PS5] Requirements: - Be Chill. - Have a Mic. - Use the Discord app for clan communication and setting up fire teams. - Long periods of inactivity (20 to 30 days) will be removed to make room for more dedicated guardians to fill our ranks. You don't want to leave your clan but our gaming session fits your time frame that's fine too! Other clan alliances are welcomed. We like taking down darkness with like minded guardians. [PS4/PS5] Destinys Night Owls



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