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Toothbrush Mustache (a.k.a Chaplin Stache or Hitler Stache)

Due to many years of the Toothbrush being referred as the Hitler Stache, it has fallen out of use, especially due to the sensitive symbolism it now presents. But sadly many forget that the style was used commonly before Hitler's time and one of the greatest celebrity and the polar opposite of Hitler was Chaplin. So i started to think, as to how to remove to bad feeling people have for the toothbrush mustache, and thought that if people started to refer to it as the Chaplin stache it could remove some of the stigma surrounding the Stache. So anyway Flood, what would you think would help remove some of the stigma behind the Toothbrush Mustache? Do you think having a Chaplin Stache and a cane, with the hat will still attract attention of those claiming you are an anti-semite? Should the Chaplin Stache be brought back?



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