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7/28/2014 6:03:45 AM

Usenet and the great FlameWars

With my years on the internet and my history i though i had heard everything there was that existed. From youtube's early days to AOL and I though i had seen it all, that is until an uncle of mine took me back in time. Before the rise of 4chan, before the notoriety of, and just around the time of the early AOL. I may sound like a noob, and feel like a young kid now, compared to the history of the internet but the time he spoke of was a time that has been forgotten in internet history i feel. The time when Usenet used to reign as one of the biggest forums out there. The site was responsible for some of the biggest flame wars, and not just simple flame wars that occur in youtube comments or on forum boards nowadays, but lengthy writeups, that would be sent back and forth between users. The computer crusades as i would call it. [url=!topic/comp.os.minix/wlhw16QWltI%5B1-25-false%5D]As evidenced by this simple archival history of the site from 1992[/url] Now as a youngster i feel like i have really no idea of the internet culture when my uncle indulged with me this information, and thus i hungered to understand more about this world. Sadly though i have little to go on, and was truly interested if any of the users here had any experience of the old net. Especially of sites like Usenet who were renowned for their flame wars as evidenced by these lengthy but dry reads. [url=!topic/]BC3K - History of Mr. Smart's Flame War[/url] [url=]Moby Thread[/url] So any old users or grizzled ancients of the interwebs, what history were you witness to of the old interwebs? What sites do you believe have been forgotten through time?



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