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The Best and Worst of 2013

Felicia (bless her soul, its sad that she died) did this in december of 2012. Well im thinking we can do it a little earlier and perhaps enjoy it a little in 2013, and post the results in december, maybe have an awards thread for all you fags. Anywho, same format, same bullshit, gogo. [quote](Now these questions are for all of bnet, not just TFS. You can put in regard the mains or any other private groups when answering any of these questions.) 1. Best troll Nominees-angry0lbgrampa, Capiton Render, Fat Man 3000, Lukentr, Gojira, Waifu Master, Zelda 2. Worst troll Nominees- Kal El, Trolling69(2), shadowsbf, Liberal Genocide, AtheistsGoToHell, #Destiny, 3. Biggest drama queen Nominees-angry0lbgrampa, Verbatim, Shadows(4) 4. Best overall moment Nominees-Mito vs. Charlie(2), Flood Ultimate Showdown, Floof, Shit Spamming of flood 5. Worst poster Nominees- HaloRoach, Angry0lbGrampa(3), xxstrongbeerxx(2), Onion Beetle, Robot Overlord 6. Best poster Nominees-Zoid, recon Number 54, Prehistoric, Emmamas , Gojira, Big Boss, Winypit 7. Most famous poster Nominees- Vien(4), MyNameIsCharlie(3), john Cena 8. Biggest attention whore Nominees-Angry0lbGrampa, Shadows(4), Jaythenerdkid, Avy, camnator, Felicia 9. Most surprising moment Nominees-Trolling of #Destiny, Charlies GTFO, RC5908 is ghey, When Sunny left(2 sob), 10. Best meme Nominees-The Floofing Of Floof(2), Zoid's doge, What the shiska did you just say about me, you little pegboy?, such shibe wow so floof , Blame Render, 11. Most improved member 12. Best fight/argument 13. Most unfair moment 14. Most ignorant member 15. Most understanding member 16. Biggest overall event to take place >>>You don't need to answer all of these if nothing comes to mind for certain categories. I'm going to post mine later.[/quote] Edit:ADDING IN NOMINEES



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