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Major HALO 3 GAME NIGHT (8/21/13) (get in here!)

This is probably going to be the last time I can play halo 3 in a loooong time since I'm taking classes this semester, that said, I'd love to play one last game with you guys. Let's say......6:30 PM EST on Wednesday? I'll be on all night most likely playing customs and perhaps some matchmaking. If you want to join, leave your gamertag here and I'll add you to the Roster. My gamertag is Xplodingpiglets, if you need to send me a message. 1. Xplodingpigletw 2. Imailu2heaven 3. Divine Thunder 4. Gaara00444 5. Danny8849 6. Hayabusam60 7. MarkFanous 8. Flash VI 9. ElementalRunner 10. Mr Senpai 11. DE4THINC4RN4TE 12. da mob boss12 13. mob boss12 14. Dustin Nugget 15. M1Silencer 16. Banned account



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