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8/6/2013 7:19:50 PM

Chris Brown Says He'll Quit Music After 'X'

[url=]Linky[/url] [quote]Chris Brown took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell the world that he plans to quit music after the release of "X," his upcoming LP. The R&B singer said he's "tired of being famous for a mistake" he made when he was 18, referencing when he assaulted Rihanna. Both Brown, who has had a string of other post-assault altercations and incidents on his rap sheet, and the music industry, which has promoted and booked Brown since shortly after the assault, have faced near constant criticism since the horrific event that took place before the 2009 Grammys. Brown's tweets have been littered with inspirational messages as of late. "I'm not a performer nor do I have to be," he said in one tweet. "We are all children pretending to be gods!" "Aspire to be great and the person you wanna be," he wrote in another. "Don't conform because [your] worth is more than any money or status. We live. We die." "X," Brown's sixth studio album, is out in stores on Aug. 20. It's worth noting that plenty of other performers have claimed they were retiring before, including Jay Z, who returned in 2006 following a three-year hiatus that he later admitted was "the worst retirement in history."[/quote]



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