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7/24/2015 11:25:32 PM

Halo 5: Guardians - Your Team is your Weapon

Source: [url][/url] [b][u]343i's Explanation of Cutting Splitscreen[/u][/b] The decision to remove split-screen support from Halo 5: Guardians was one of the most difficult ones we’ve ever had to make as a studio. We know that for many of our fans, Halo has meant playing together with friends in the same room. We all have great memories of past Halo split-screen multiplayer matches. To move Halo’s gameplay forward and deliver a true next-gen experience, tough choices had to be made. Our decision was driven by a desire for scale, fidelity and focus to ensure that we would deliver the best quality experience possible. With Halo 5 we are delivering massive scale environments, improved AI behavior, increased visual and gameplay fidelity… something that truly takes advantage of a new platform. Many of our ambitious goals for Halo 5 would be compromised in a split-screen setting and the time spent optimizing and addressing split-screen-specific issues would take focus from building other parts of the game. Game development is a balancing act of resources, time and technology, and in this case we made the tough decision to sacrifice something that’s been near and dear to us all. [b][u]Notes:[/u][/b] ---Team members have unique traits ------Kelly is the fastest member of Blue Team ------Tanaka has increase motion tracker range ---Squad Commands ------Attack my Target ------Go To Location ------Use Vehicle (or turret) ------Pick Up Weapon ------Revive Teammate ---Drop-In/Drop-Out Co-Op ------Campaign sessions run on dedicated servers ------Friends can drop in and drop out with no pause to the game or gameplay ---Artemis Tracking System ------Used by Fireteam Osiris ------Highlights items/objects of interest ---------Fortifications ---------Story Items ---------Secrets



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