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「You are what you dare.」

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    The Halo Archive is a community. A place for Halo fans to come together and discuss their passions. Whether it be Halo or another universe. [url=]Home Page[/url] [url=]Forum[/url] [url=]Tumblr[/url] [url=]Twitter[/url] [url=]YouTube[/url]

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[url=]HUNT the TRUTH[/url] [u][b]SEASON 1[/b][/u] [quote]Benjamin Giraud Journalist. War photographer. For decades, I’ve served the galaxy as an investigative reporter and war photographer. Working primarily in public radio, I’ve covered human interest stories on Earth and in the Inner and Outer Colonies. I’ve also contracted for UNSC, covering governmental and military affairs. I was at New Mombasa when the Master Chief first appeared to combat the Covenant attack.[/quote] [url=]The Assignment[/url] [url=]All Hail[/url] [url=]The Cost[/url] [url=]The Death Record[/url] [url=]Master Propaganda[/url] [url=]Katrina's Diary 1[/url] [url=]Katrina's Diary 2[/url] [url=]Glassed Planets[/url] [url=]Greetings from Castellaneta[/url] [url=]Word on the Street[/url] [url=]CANCEL/CONFIRM[/url] [url=]Notice of Violation[/url] [url=]Major Breakthrough[/url] [url=]False Advertising[/url] [url=]Contact[/url] [url=]Peace Talks[/url] [url=]Fallen Heroes[/url] [url=]Panic in the Streets[/url] [url=]The Twins[/url] [url=]Xenophobia[/url] [url=]Sapien Sunrise 1[/url] [url=]Sapien Sunrise 2[/url] [url=]Sapien Sunrise 3[/url] [url=]Sapien Sunrise 4[/url] [url=]Buried Secrets[/url] [url=]BXR 1774[/url] [url=]117[/url] [url=]ECB News[/url] [b] [url=]SEASON 1 SUPERCUT[/url] [url=]EPISODE 00 - PRIMER[/url] [url=]EPISODE 01 - A HAIRLINE FRACTURE[/url] [url=]EPISODE 02 - BAD RECORDS[/url] [url=]EPISODE 03 - CRITICAL CONDITION[/url] [url=]EPISODE 04 - CROSSING THE BLACK[/url] [url=]EPISODE 05 - OUT OF TIME[/url] [url=]EPISODE 06 - BOXING STORY[/url] [url=]EPISODE 07 - WHO'S LISTENING[/url] [url=]EPISODE 08 - DRIP, DRIP, DRIP[/url] [url=]EPISODE 09 - PHANTOMS[/url] [url=]EPISODE 10 - GAG ORDER[/url] [url=]EPISODE 11 - DOWN TO THE BONE[/url] [url=]EPISODE 12 - FULL PAYLOAD[/url] [url=]EPISODE 13 - IN THE BAG[/url] [/b] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b][u]SEASON 2[/b][/u] [quote]NOTICE – The contents of these reports and investigations are for Section Three EYES ONLY, pursuant to the discretion of ONI command. Contact your section head immediately and enact BACKBURN protocol if you suspect any compromise or loss of operational integrity.[/quote] [url=]Interrupted[/url] [url=]DAVIS-CAM-F[/url] [url=]BRODY-CAM-A[/url] [url=]LATIMER-CAM-A[/url] [url=]MARTIN-CAM-B[/url] [url=]ORITZ-CAM-B[/url] [url=]CHEN-CAM-AB[/url] [url=]Under Glass[/url] [url=]MORSE-CAM-AB[/url] [url=]Message from Cdr Sullivan[/url] [url=]The Big Event[/url] [url=]Tangled Web[/url] [url=]Bad Taste[/url] [b] [url=]EPISODE PRE - THE STORY OF FERO[/url] [url=]EPISODE 00 - THE ONLY DELIVERABLE[/url] [url=]EPISODE 01 - CUBE B-349[/url] [url=]EPISODE INT - FAILED TRANSMISSION[/url] [url=]EPISODE 02 - FROM FIRE TO BLOOD[/url] [url=]EPISODE 03 - SAFE HOUSE[/url] [url=]EPISODE 04 - JACKALS[/url] EPISODE 05 - [10/20/15] [/b]



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