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2/9/2015 1:37:24 AM

A possible buff to Necrochasm.

Yes, doubled firing rate and adjusted damage


No, I like my weak Necrochasm


Some other buff would be better, like 22% more DPS


I've seen many people complain that the Necrocahsm, a "trophy weapon," is too weak. I've seen videos comparing Necrochasm to other such weapons, like the Mythoclast and Suros Regime, to which the Necrochasm lost. I've seen a few math calculations on the Necrochasm's DPS in comparisons to other weapons; Necrochasm is a disappointment. It's obvious that the Necrochasm is in serious need of attention. Before I begin, I will say that I have no direct experience in any weapons balancing or game design. But I do know when changes are due, and changes are definitely due. To make Necrochasm stronger and more "exotic," I recommend: Mag size should be 82, up from 42. Firing rate should be 30Hz (1800RPM), up from 15Hz (900RPM). This firing rate will cause sound and animation issues when firing the gun, though. Damage per bullet reduced by 33%, to compensate for the doubled firing rate. Stability increased to 64, up from 46, an increase of 40% in account of the doubled firing rate. Aim assist increased to 80, up from 75. Range increased to 21, up from 19. Overall, I think these changes make the gun more skill oriented, very unique, and more fitting for what it is (not a human weapon).



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