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12/19/2014 5:38:28 PM

Where we can spam =p

TTD members, this is the place where we can now spam anything from links to updates to other random content. Anything else that needs more attention of course can be placed elsewhere, but lets try to keep most of it here. For those with gaming channels, such as myself, I will only allow myself 2 posts per day <- I tend to get carried away..sorrrrryyyy Also a big shout out and thank you to SoloKingWizard for getting us all together! To the members that just recently joined, I know most of you and glad you guys could join, respect the rules, be mature (Swonger & Wildthang) lol u guys, and be ready to help when available. -Also I've setup a section that is designated on my channel to TTD and will feature all content from us! <- waiting on fiance to finish intro that features TTD..might be another month. Other than that lets do this! Just a note** Reddit is amazing as far as finding many guides that are posted there, some of my posts might contain links to that site, hope no one minds that.



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