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12/30/2014 5:46:26 PM

Crota's End "Updated" Loot System

So this is my rant to bungie in hopes of a response as to how this loot table is supposed to work honestly. I read that they "changed" the loot system for Crota's End in which it would be "smarter" and "remember" what we got, we'll I think that's complete BS. I have completed the entire Crota Raid on all three of my characters each week since it's release, and it seems that I have not encountered this "smart" loot table yet. My warlock has gotten overall 3 raid chests and 2 boots. My titan has gotten 4 raid gloves and a pair of boots, and my hunter took 2 weeks to just got one piece of gear. Okay fine i'm not asking to be handed every gear instantly (apart from the fact it seems like everyone else is being handed them) so let me move on to Crota's drops. Last week on two of my characters i got a 2 Radiant Energy, nothing else, just two energy. Okay cool thanks next week my smart loot table will compensate me, so i just went and cleared Crota on my Warlock (my main, hoping since i have yet to get the gloves, maybe my helm will drop and I can hit 32 on at least one character) and what do i get? 2 Radiant Energy, are you serious? How does this make any sense, like two weeks in a row i have gotten a total of 4 energy from killing crota? I don't get it, i really don't... If anyone from Bungie sees this I just am looking for an explanation as to what this "updated" loot system is that was apparently implemented because I just don't see it



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