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1/1/2015 11:59:30 PM

Yikes, fusion rifles need a look at...

Granted I don't usually play rumble matches, but this one has even me looking at pocket infinity as well as all legendary and rare fusion rifles with some skepticism since I just watched this happen. Kinda wish I could go back and review it, but I'll do my best to recount what happened. Range on fusion rifles has had more then a little discussion, but with regard to it this time, I am going to be avoiding playing rumble in the future if this is a common norm for the playlist. Map: Shores of Time (Venus) Situation: Something Ero's (rare fusion rifle) successfully kills fully shielded opponent from heavy ammo spawn by Control point A alllllll the way across to shotgun CQC area entrance while airborne. Not even my Murmur does that and it has technically higher points of range and Impact let alone while I am airborne. Went and played another match which had me shaking my head at some things too, but after going through a patrol mission just now, I felt the need to make this post. There's very few reason I can see ANY high impact gun without a maxed out stability perk being able to be used in the air. It's very difficult for any player or developer to justify the stability name with such things. What is the effective balance when you allow a 50% or less stability perk to do full max damage over unealistic distances? This is much more of a balance issue then it is anything else. I just took one look at the situation and said, "yeaaahhhh... that's... that's not right. Fusion rifles are powerful, but they should not be capable of that while airborne. Not even an exotic should be able to do that." It's the entire reason you have a STABILITY rating. Even other games like Planetside are not ignorant to that fact and I love some of the same instances I see correlated between Destiny and Planetside, but this? You basically just made any rare or above fusion rifle a room clearer. That's shotgun territory for ANY other game which has an FPS element to it. The point of all this is simple: What is the logic? Why allow airborne players that without justification? Hell. Give us a stability perk which maximizes our stability so we can do that then. Create a separate perk class to do that. Don't modify the power (if your asking me), don't modify the range. Modify the stability so I can least go and say, "That is why it is capable of that." It's the effective range of a short scope sniper rifle with more bullets being fired then a sniper. Now I could understand if it was Praetorian Foil with a max impact and very high range AND stability stat (when used with perfect balance, this gun kills anything whether airborne or not), but this is an inspected 3/5 full range, 2/3 impact, and less then 45% stability rare fusion rifle we're talking about. Furthermore, they were airborne. Take a modifier that shows they are airborne and cut the stability in half why don't you? The range isn't the issue. It's the power. Basic gun mechanics for every known recoil based firearm known to man and even in the sci-fi realm is that an honored principle BECAUSE of expectations placed on people and developers. Just a recommendation Bungie, but while you look at deceasing Suro's Regime... make sure to check out all of your fusion rifles because if that is the power of a Rare fusion rifle then there is no reason why it shouldn't be brought into Iron Banner at this point.



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