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12/27/2014 5:59:44 PM

Harry Potter Abridged

So me and a friend were talking and I said "What if the whole truth behind the Harry Potter movies is this is all happening throughout the years because he's in a coma from taking [b]all[/b] the drugs" It would make a lot of sense, if you think about it All of the movies would be him experiencing a different kind of drug then the last one is shit starting to kick up cuz the rest of them are taking affect And Voldemort isn't even trying to take over the world, he's just pissed cuz Harry can snort cocaine and he can't In the end Voldemort is defeated when Harry plays "Got your Nose" on him, and then the ending scene is some lady or something saying [i]And from that day forward Harry's nose was safe, it would never be used to snort the Dark Lord's cocaine, and then after that Harry took more cocaine and saw more shit, banged a girl at some point, and got married and had some brats, but we don't have the funding to show all that so The End[/i]



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