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12/17/2014 4:35:02 PM

TTD - Terrible Terrible Damage

Ladies and gents, their is no other clan for you than TTD. Keep in mind we expect the best of the best when it comes to raids, but we love a good laugh. Events: Weekly Crota's End - Weekly (Central Time) 6-9 pm VOG Hard and normal (Central Time) 6-9 pm Nightfalls (Central Time) 6-9 pm Weekly Mission (Central Time) 6-9 pm Events: Daily Daily events - Same time Bounties - Same time NOTE** this is any bounties you have, exotic bounties, crucible, Eris, etc. Events: Weekend Sparrow Races- Bring your A game to Mars for some fun. Usually held on weekends but whenever we get a party or two together! This a good group, extensive knowledge, and will slingshot you through the raids. However, if you wished to be carried throughout raids, then this is not the clan for you. Our Game Channel



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