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原先發佈於:House Of Rising
12/2/2014 1:06:14 AM


Hey everyone! As one of the admins to the clan. I just want to make sure that we are all on the same page here as to what our policy is to what emblem you are to use. The emblem is called "The Blessing of The Gifted". You should all be using this emblem on all characters that you use. It can be purchased from the speaker in the tower for 7 Motes of Light. So keep an eye you had pick it up when he has it. On another note add me up if you haven't already on PSN my name is Glinkz. I'm running [b]multiple[/b] Raids and Nightfall Strikes every week to help out anyone who needs it. :) [b][u]Happy Hunting![/u][/b] Glinkz



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