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What are your theories/ideas about The Traveler? Here's my thoughts

Oh god it has been so LONG since I last posted anything. Anyway, I've been looking through all the Grimoire cards and looking up the lore when I happened to wonder, what exactly IS the traveler? The lore really doesn't explain enough to satisfy my curiosity, so I just had to think of what I believe the Traveler might be. TL;DR version: It's a giant sky city that came to Mars hundreds of millions of years before Humanity but then Mars turned into a giant desert and everyone that lived in the Traveler despite their best efforts died. The Traveler remained dormant until it was found by Humanity and its discovery kickstarted the Golden Age. Ok now that the TL;DR people are satisfied, time for me to indulge Long Version: Hundreds of Millions of years before Mankind came to exist, at a time Earth was not yet habitable, the planets of Venus and Mars were much more "Earth-like" and had even began harbor life, Mars much more so. At this time, what we call The Traveler today had come to Mars and sat in its atmosphere, and served as a home away from home for the thousands that were stationed within it, a great city all bundled up into a white, shining ball. Just one of many sent out to explore and discover all the curiosities the universe holds. The Traveler's creators were a highly advanced, but pacifistic and curious people. Because they did not fight amongst one another or with others, they became driven by a hunger for knowledge, a fascination for the worlds beyond them. So from their home or colonies somewhere out in the milky way, massive spacecraft carrying a few of these great white orbs at a time take off to traverse the unknown. However, it isn't like these people throw the great orbs everywhere, rather they are mobile, semi-permanent settlements on top of research stations, almost like colonies. All of them connected in an expansive network, spanning for light years from their homeworld to their planetary colonies to every individual Traveler out there in the Milky Way. Alas, while these people sought to unlock the secrets of the stars, just outside their reach a darkness brewed, a collective of machines from a far flung world. Just as these people were destined to greatness, Travelers started disappearing off the network, others tried to relocate in hopes of finding safety closer to the colonies, weapons and war were archaic concepts to them, found only in stories and legends, as such they had no means of defending themselves from these mechanical hordes that suddenly began to show itself. When this began the Mars Traveler was still operational, the stories sent fear down the spines of many on Mars, but none came at first. However, the Mars Traveler crew did begin to notice that the oceans of Mars had slowly started to dry up, the ozone began to thin and Mars slowly became colder. Then, a second warning of demise came to the Mars Traveler, a group of survivors have warped in from another Traveler, who fled after it was attacked and destroyed, seeing as the Mars Traveler was still operational and connected to the network. The survivors told of the attack, frantically tried to contact their homeworld, in hopes they could return. Alas, it was too late, just as contact was established, the communications on the Traveler were suddenly shut down, all attempts at reactivation failed. The machines showed themselves, thousands teleporting into the Traveler and slaughtering hundreds the crew used whatever it could to fight back, stealing their weapons and evacuating what they once called home. They came to the surface of Mars and like the heroes of old, faced the horde and despite all odds stacked up against them, beat them back. The long lost ways of war have been once more found. For years they would continue to fight the machines, but it would not be them that would seal their fate. The Traveler would undergo an automated shutdown, slowly it fell from the sky and landed on the martian surface, making a crater for itself form the impact. There it lie dormant, its crew still wandering the Martian lands. Quickly however, Mars's atmosphere began to fade, on a planet-wide scale ecosystems shut down and the life Mars harbored had died as the once temperate lands became arid and dry. Violent winds stripped the lands, the oceans dried and the atmosphere escaped into space. The Traveler was left to rot as Mars died around it. All those left from the Traveler's crew had died with it, their bodies turned to dust as millennia passed. The death of Mars was not a victory for the Vex however, on Mars's sister planet, Venus, the planet became equally as hostile, greenhouse gases overloading the air, turning the planet into a hot, acidic wasteland, there the Vex were forced to retreat or lie dormant in the deepest chasms of their structures as 800 degree heat and acid rain burned all those it touched. Some retreated to Mars, only to be torn apart by violent winds and freezing cold nights. For eons, The Traveler and the Vex lie sleeping, locked away in the wastes of the Red planet. Until, well, you know the rest of the story. So, that went on way too long, since I shared my rather extensive thoughts, what do you think the traveler is? Lemme know what you think.



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