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10/14/2014 2:48:56 PM

Bungie, stop patching (weapons in particular), and Patch the enemies

Bungie, why do u keep running patches? Now ur gonna make the auto rifle not as strong as the scout rifle? thats one of the only things that are good and nobody really complains about it. PPl are going to stop playing this game. the reason is because its already hard to rank up past 27 and 28. If you want to patch something, how about u patch the enemies. Any enemy level 15 and below should not have to take 2 melee punches (vandals and goblins) from a level 24+ gaurdian. The enemies should do even less damage to our characters than they do now as well. In the game, a level 20 guardian will have no impact on a level 22 or 23 enemy! So, it should be the reverse effect as well, but, very little damage is acceptable. Be realistic (in the gaming sense). Remember the saying if its not broke, dont fix it? Well, the weapons in the game are fine, so fix this enemy system. And if you don't want to let the enemies do less damage to our characters, then at least fix it to where we have to shoot less at higher levels. Off topic: I thought I might get a second Xbox1 so me and hubby can play together, but i dont know if ill want to play much after all this fixing Bungie keeps doing.



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