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[PS4] Mature Gamers UK and EU, Age 25+, Microphones preferred.

Hi Guardians, I'm recruiting for an informal English speaking clan [u](PS4 only)[/u] we are called [url=]([b]Mature Gamers UK EU[/b])[/url] we are for [b]Mature[/b] users aged [b]25+[/b] in the UK and Europe, Guardians [b]with Microphones[/b] if possible, but not mandatory. This Clan is for mainly European based users although others are welcome, we are Guardians of a more advanced age who want to get together and enjoy ourselves with users of a similar age and reaction times, lol. I am also a member of the Old Timers Guild but most of those Guardians are US based so time zone differences are an issue for some parts of the day, so I thought a UK/EU based clan may be more useful for us to get together at those times when our US Guardians are sleeping. Please do use a mic if you possibly can as it can make a big difference to the enjoyment of the group and more importantly it can make the clan more effective in battle if we know what one another's intentions are. Yes I am aware that there may be times when that is not possible due to family reasons etc and that is not a problem. I can highly recommend the Playstation 4 headset 2.0 with included mic that Sony sells, it includes 7.1 surround sound and has two mics built into the cans themselves which work well, or so I am told by my other clan members from OTG. It is also totally wireless which is always a plus. Please also remember that you will need a PSN Plus account to join in otherwise you will miss out on a lot of stuff, you would be amazed at how many people join clans yet don't have PSN Plus, I personally don't even bother adding those folk to my friends list, so bare that in mind before signing up, I'm sure I am not the only one who doesn't. Thanks for your consideration, please [url=]GO HERE[/url] if you are interested in joining up as I am literally just starting out and do not yet even have the three members needed to get us listed on the Bungie site. Once we are listed you will be able to search for us with the below tags. #mature #ps4 #mic #casualgaming #Age25plus #micusers I personally don't do PVP as I have always sucked at it in other games, I've not even looked at the Crucible side of the game, but other clan Guardians are welcome to do as they please, as long as they just want to have fun and not take the clan too seriously. [url=][b]Mature Gamers UK EU [MGUK][/b][/url] Cheers, Andy MGUK Admin



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