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Focus the engrams, please

[i]Before I get into this: I love Destiny. It's a superb game that has already provided me with some of the most entertaining moments I've ever had in a game. Everything that follows is meant to be constructive.[/i] I understand that engrams will give a random item. I understand it and embrace it. It is not, however, too much to ask that the items we get from the engrams be usable by the character unlocking them. Not usable in the "This item is worse than what I already have in that item slot, I can't use it" sense, but rather the "My character physically cannot use this item as it's for a different class, why did I get it?" sense. I've picked up 3 legendary engrams so far. The first was a rare fusion rifle (irritating, but whatever, I could use it had I wanted to). The second two were both rare pieces of armor, chest and legs respectively. If you're wondering why that's a complaint, it's because they were both items for the hunter class, and the only character I have is a level 25 Titan. As much as I hate that, as much as I want to see it changed, I can understand it. They were random drops and not attached as a direct reward for anything, so it makes a certain sort of sense that they can be random. I may not like it, but I can understand it. Jump to 5 minutes ago when I bought an exotic chest engram from Xur for 23 motes of light. Took it to the Cryptarch, decoded it, and got exotic chest armor. For a hunter. This is where I draw the line. I played the game for two weeks to have enough motes of light to buy that engram. It was not something randomly dropped for me in the game world, it was something I worked towards and purchased. At that point I accept that I won't get a specific armor piece, but I should at least get armor that my character can actually use. If a player buys an item, they should at least get some guarantee that they can use it. They shouldn't have to make a second character and grind them to level 20 just to be able to use an item they bought. If we can't get that focus on the engrams, can we at least get the trade system up and running? Let the players trade among themselves, if for no other reason than to offset the existing system. [b][TL;DR] OP is irritated (surprise) with the state of the engram system as is, and at minimum would like to see a trade system put in place to offset it.[/b]



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