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9/18/2014 11:28:33 AM

A Message To Bungie

Since Destiny has been released people have had mixed reviews, and to my dismay (and yours as well most likely) most have been bad. For me personally Destiny is one of the best games I have ever played. I got it a week ago and since then I have played it religiously. And I will continue to do so. People keep comparing Destiny to other games, but Destiny is actual one of the few games that when I play it, it feels like a truly original experience. It enrages me that the Destiny forums are full of criticism and people telling you that you need to change the entire game! I won't lie, I've posted one or two entries in the Feedback section, but they were simply small ideas I had to improve the already amazing Destiny experience. Never once did I suggest rewriting the story or that the game was lackluster. And while, yes it's true, Destiny does need improvement, I have a gut feeling that that was your plan from the beginning. To introduce us into this beautiful world rich with lore and things to do, and then gradually expand upon that. You've already proven that you can do it with The Glass Vault. I realize you probably won't get to read this as it will be lost in all the hate, but if you do please do this one thing: Continue your vision. Don't sell out to everyone who wants their ideas in the game. Continue with your vision, and I have total confidence that Destiny will continue to be my favorite gaming experience. Thank you -A fan



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