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9/5/2014 7:09:31 AM

Final stretch

With the final stretch coming up its only one weekend and one day before the midnight launch of Destiny. The game will be playable at mindnight on monday the 8th sep once downloaded, of course. Those receiving discs will hopefully get them early aswell to join on the release day. Until then, Bungies recent release to tease us all has arrived, in live action form! Featuring fight scenes from three of the enemy classes, over each planet and the moon. Its definitely a exciting watch, seeing some of the abilities we will be using in game as live action- its a nice push of Bungie's talents. The cgi used on the enemies is packed into each odd feature of there faces, and with everything kept uplifting and humorous the gaurdians are the main stars of this feature. Certainly an entertaining watch. And remember the count down is shorter each day till launch...



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