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6/16/2014 7:08:32 PM

Great job Bungie! And thank you.

Enjoyed the alpha.


Really enjoyed the alpha.


Didn't enjoy the alpha/Never participated


I give this game a 10/10 the visuals... the gameplay... gunplay... pvp... everything, top notch. I personally really enjoyed it. I've been more hyped for destiny than any other game, I'm really looking forward to what beta will bring, perhaps moon exploration, and then the other planets upon release, that would be cool. I was lucky enough to get my code from a kind fellow here on the interwebs, but for those who did not get a code, i would definately say continue with your pre order, keep the hype, when the beta is out, you'll have a blast. I've seen this many times before but yeah the bowl cut was kind of meh, wish i could've rotated my character to see, but it looks okay in the front :P Bungie, you did everthing right, the tower felt like it was actually a place to speak with friends, relax, gear up, i personally developed a love for the weapons dealer :P (because i bought a really sweet gun off him). The guns and armour... well.. all i can say about that is... well done bungie, well done. When i got this weapon.. [PSI TEMPUS III] I fell in love, it was like it was made just for me, it's a pulse rifle, 106 damage, 27 in the mag, it was amazing.. I personally have used it all alpha ever since i got it and have upgraded it a lot [All except kinetic damage] . I watched the streams, and NO ONE has the same gun as me, it feels great to have a gun all to yourself <3 xD The armour fit in just right with my character, a human male hunter, i look SICK. And apparently my gun is a multirole weapon and can fly a ship xD The ships look sexy, every one of them. Well Bungie, i could say more, but i won't, this has gone long enough :P Thank you for providing us this amazing opportunity to play your game in dev, and test it. 10/10 Top notch job Bungie! :D



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