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Times Up: A Thank You To Bungie.

With time now up for our playthrough of the Alpha build, let me be one of the first to say well done Bungie for making what i consider a hugely impressive game at this early(ish) stage of the games development. While I am exceptionally grateful for the chance to play Destiny this weekend I am sad to see it end. I've had so much fun playing even the small amount of content available that i've gotten even more excited for the Beta next month and the full release in September. As for anyone who may have missed out on the opportunity to play this weekend? don't worry, you'll love this game more than you currently know. Be happy! it's well worth waiting for. Finally, i just wanted to say thank you Bungie for making me fall in love with shooters again! alot of franchises had turned quite old and grey recently, so this breath of fresh air has been wonderful. I very much look forward to next month and beyond, it's gonna be one hell of a ride... The future looks bright ladies and gentlemen, and i can't wait to see what it holds for our community. - SS :)



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