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Some questions about Wolverine

I have some questions about this bad-ass and I hope some of you guys can answer them all. 1. How is Wolverine just stuck at a certain age? I know he's like immortal and all but he did obviously age and then just stopped. Why? 2. Before his Adamantium conversion, what would have happened if Wolverine was beheaded in a traditional way (execution, cannonball to the face during the Civil War, passing carriage if he leaned his head out of a train or something), would his head just grow back like that alien from Men in Black? 3. Do his claws bend inside of him? They're quite large yet they never stick out of wrists or anything if he were to move them in various positions. Since they're originally bone, do they just move like fingers and have joints? What about when they're actually adamantium and far bigger? 4. Just how does he get his hair that high on either side? 5. If he had sex with a girl, would his adamantium dick hurt her? 6. Isn't his dick technically always hard? 7. If he can regenerate, does that mean he could continually shoot huge loads during sex or when fapping? 8. Does he literally have balls of steel? 9. How many Wolverines could a Wolverine Wolverine if a Wolverine could Wolverine? 10. Just what exactly is a Wolverine? 11. What is his favourite food? 12. Do you think that Viper girl from the new film would be a good screw? What about blow jobs? Would she be good as long as she didn't spit as a form of lube? 13. Is Wolverine the ultimate self harmer? 14. What is his obsession with motor bikes? 15. Why is he so angry? 16. How many -blam!-s does he give? 17. Why doesn't he do some cool shit like sky dive and plummet into the ground like a boss? 18. Couldn't he just take over the world like a boss? 19. What would happen if you threw him into the sun? Would he constantly regenerate and melt? 20. Can he actually get drunk or do cocaine or would his system just regenerate and stop him from getting a buzz? 21. Do you ever think he's had a super awkward moment when he's fingered a girl? Think about it 22. Why does he uses shavers to trim his beard? Why not just use his claws of death? Questions concerning the new film 1. [spoiler]How did that little robot completely stop his regeneration? And when he was shot, wouldn't the bullet just hit the adamantium?[/spoiler] 2. [spoiler]How was the key to his regeneration/immortality stored within his claws? Couldn't they have done it a simpler way?[/spoiler] 3. [spoiler]How many racial stereotypes were in this movie?[/spoiler] 4. [spoiler]Shouldn't Xavier be dead? The dick[/spoiler] 5. [spoiler]How the hell did that bullet train shit work? He leaps up and the train brings the guy towards him, I understand that but the laws of gravity means he shouldn't be able to leap up flat like that and stay there for that long. I understand the train is fast but he was still up there for a longer period of time than possible. Especially with him being full of Adamantium. He shouldn't even be able stay in the air for very long at all[/spoiler] That is all.



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