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Names, numbers and lucky stars. Release date theory.

Bungie will show of some gamaplay from Destiny at E3 (which will be awesome) and hopefully they'll give us a hint at when the game will be released. [quote][b]But what will the release date be?[/b][/quote] [b]My guess is February 21st 2014.[/b] And here's why: Destiny is almost definitely not coming out this year because it's being published by Activision who as you all know are also publishing CoD Ghosts which will be released later this year so it would be idiotic to release Destiny around the same time. I don't think we'll have to wait until Fall 2014 though. It can't more than 2 Bungie days away! And a new CoD will probably release around that time too. Which brings me to the conclusion that it will probably be released spring 2014. Not too early and not too late. It has to be around the time when people start getting bored of the games they got for Christmas which should be around February/May. The date I predict is based of an interesting connection with numbers and letters. What is the [b]2[/b]nd letter of the alphabet? [b]B[/b] [b]21[/b]st letter of the alphabet? [b]U[/b] [b]14[/b]th letter of the alphabet? [b]N[/b] [b]2-21-14 = B-U-N[/b] Which means that at [b]9[/b] minutes and [b]5[/b] seconds past [b]7[/b] on [b]Febrary 2[/b]nd [b]2014[/b] the date and time will spell: [quote][b]2-21-14 07:09:05 = B-U-N G:I:E[/b][/quote] Now this only happens once every 100 years(!) so hopefully something awesome will happen that day. It might not be the release date but hopefully Bungie will do something cool that day. Am I onto something here? [quote][i]And some fun facts:[/i] 2+21+14=[b]37[/b] which is not only a prime but a [url=]lucky prime[/url] and a [url=]star number[/url]. In base 16 it's 25 (digit sum is 7). In base 7 it's 52 (digit sum is 7 here too). 37°C is the normal human body temperature. It's the number of plays William Shakespeare is thought to have written. And 37 is the number most people state when asked to give a random number between 0 and 100. [/quote]



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