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1/24/2013 11:48:24 PM

What do you say to somebody like me who carries...?

And by "carries" i mean conceal carry a pistol LEGALLY... I know what gun control is a touchy subject to us and the people here who do not live in the US. However, I am curious to know. I am highly trained on how and when to use this weapon. It is a last resort defense in the event that harm should come to me or my family when they are with me in public. I know how to control it, I know how to place my shots, and I know how to be SAFE with it when I am carrying it on me and around others. I have it hidden and I went through the class and training in order to achieve the licence and to be efficient with it when needed. There is a BIIIIG BIG difference between me and the idiotic tards that give us gun owners a bad name. So what do you say to somebody like me who carries a weapon legally? Do I not deserve that protection for myself and for my family? Cops can be there, but in a lot of cases they are too late to stop the situation before it starts. It usually long over when they finally arrive.



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