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由xSwiftBladex-編輯: 10/3/2023 1:38:03 PM

Vigilance Wing and Suros Regime Catalyst Drop Rate

I have been grinding for these Catalysts for weeks. If only they can buff the drop-rate of these Exotic Catalysts that would be great and help the majority of players that play Crucible. I don't think it's about getting good anymore. The chances of these dropping in your game is insane. If only there was a way to increase those chances in order to get these Catalysts that would be fantastic. I've killed countless players and won... who knows how many matches I've been through. It has gone a bit too long with still [b]Nothing to Show[/b]. What's the Drop Rate at...? like... 0.5%? Probably much less or something... but this is ridiculous.



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