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10/2/2023 10:21:27 AM

ThunderLord Exotic Machine Gun

HI Everyone I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction, i really would like to get the Thunderlord Exotic Machine Gun and have been farming it (playlist, gambit and crucible) for approx 3 months, now i have other these 3 months got 22 exotics from doing these activites and each one has been amour. From reading comments over the internet it appears that if you have all the exotic weapons already it will drop amour only as you can get different stats, the issue i have with this is when i go into DIM or the Vault i do not currently have Thunderlord although when i am looking at the Patterns/Catalysts it appears that i have the Catalyst (0%) completed but i do not have the weapon (is this possible? or is it the case that i may have deleted the Thunderlord which is why the catalyst still shows. If it is the case that i may have deleted it accidentally , how do it get it back because as mentioned i have received approx 22 exotic engrams and none have been weapons they have all been amour. I hoping someone will be able to give be an answer because its driving me nuts. Thank you in advice



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