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10/1/2023 4:53:22 PM

FYRD mercenaries of fate

Hi everyone! We're seeking new members to join our clan. We are casual players who engage with as many aspects of the game as possible while keeping a friendly and fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the game without being yelled at! We help each other and always looking to engage in activity's as groups. Up until now we have remained relatively small but would like to recruit new players to encourage larger groups for raids, dungeons, group pvp etc. People are always welcome in our playstation group chat and providing we get new players we do have a discord too! Please be 18+. We do not accept discrimination, hate or abuse in any fashion. Including race, -blam!-, gender, religion, culture. Hopefully looking also for people on European time zones, but we do have a mix of American and Brits mostly. Pop me a message if you're interested or search FYRD mercenaries of fate and request to join, no conditions and you won't be met with 21 questions.
#Clans #casual



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