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由Dabos編輯: 10/1/2023 3:54:28 PM

Spike Grenades. And why they should be removed from Heavy GLs

Spike Grenades are a must for PvE Heavy Grenade Launchers, I understand how in terms of Special GLs you can have choices in Disorienting Grenades, so yeah, they can be available for Special GLs, but heavy GLs man… it’s cringe when you get a Envious Assassin Bait and Switch Cataphract, but then OOP something’s missing!!! That 10% Buff from the useless mag perk Spike Grenades! Its so disheartening to say the least, I wish this perk would be looked at and/or removed from the perk pool of Heavy GLs and the 10% damage buff would be given automatically to all heavy GLs. Also lastly I just wanted to mention that this perk makes all the other mag perks obsolete in terms of PvE usage, Idk about PvP, I think High Velocity rounds are better for PvP but im not sure, and thats it pretty much from me.



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