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由Sumting_Wong編輯: 9/15/2023 6:56:16 PM

I think completely removing legendary shards is a bad decision and they should be used for buying old armor.

I think that its is an overall bad decision for the people that have stockpiled legendary shards. There's been times where there are bugs that give us unlimited legendary shards and people used them because legendary shards are used in almost everything. I personally think the best solution for this would be to make it a currency to buy old armor. Sometimes I have more fun creating fashion sets for my hunter rather than playing the game. I know other people care about their fashion as well because of the sheer amount of videos and shorts that I've seen on Youtube. I know I have personally want old armor sets from activities like the Leviathan Raid. I just hope that if the old armor sets ever come back they won't be for silver and instead can be earned in game either by buying them by legendary shards or by random drops.



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