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Dear Bungie, Your transmog system is pretty bad. Games like Diablo IV or Cyberpunk 2077 give you the option that once you find a piece of armor, you have the ability to equip its look, whenever and wherever you want, FREE OF CHARGE. While in Destiny 2 each character is allowed a set of 10 synth weaves for a grand total of 30 different pieces of armor to transmog A SEASON. I love fashion in this game, it’s what people say is the “true endgame” of Destiny; however, I say that the true raid of this “endgame” is waiting each season to cop good looking new or previous armors just to wait for the next to get more armor. It’s tiresome, repetitive, and downright unhealthy in this department of the game. It gets even worse when the only way other than waiting each season for new synth weaves is to buy the bundles that are available for 1400 silver each season. No body wants to pay money for having the opportunity to transmog their armor into what they want. So I propose one of two options: #1 increase the cap of the bounties we get from Ada each season, or #2 MAKE TRANSMOG FREE AND AVAILABLE WITHOUT LIMIT. I hope this finds someone’s good graces at bungie and hopefully makes a change to this. Sincerely, A Destiny Player



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