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9/11/2023 6:03:43 PM

Wipe For DMG is looking for members! [Any Platform] [English speaking] [NA/EU]

We're a mostly PvE oriented clan, trying to get some more consistent groups going for raiding etc. Currently sitting at ~10 active members, with a few extra that are less active. Most members are NA, but we have some EU and getting a more even mix would be helpful, but we're not exactly looking to become massive. Any level of experience is fine! We have several members super willing to teach anything from dungeons to raids/GMs. Currently most of our larger activities are done around weekends, since that's when the majority are available, but as we get more flexible members that can easily expand. Requirements: -Be available for clan raids at least somewhat regularly (weekends, etc) -Speak English -Use discord for communication (voice chat) -Preferably have some DLCs so you can run most current content with the clan If you have any questions and/or are interested go ahead and join the discord with the link below or leave a comment/PM on here.



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